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Have you had difficulty contacting me by email recently?

I apologise if you’ve experienced problems with emails (including the contact form, NOIM checklist, and various booking forms on this website).

A number of problems have been identified by the server technicians: firstly, a critical file either went missing or was corrupted during a migration from one server to another, and secondly, the version of PHP was upgraded on the hosting server, which caused some conflicts with various coding.

(The short explanation is that the server on which this site is hosted changed some things, which caused some problems.)

We think that everything has been sorted out, but it does mean that some emails during the last two or three months may not have been delivered to my inbox. If I have not answered your email, this is why.

Please don’t hesitate to re-send your email, and if you are unsure about your email’s delivery, feel free to send me an SMS to confirm its safe arrival.

Again, my sincere apologies to all who have had not had a reply.





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